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The best way to invest in coins is to build a relationship with a trusted coin dealer. Many types of silver rounds and other types of silver. They have a large selection of IRS-approved precious metals for your IRA. A Question of Value The stock and bond markets ballooned to record highs, while hard assets are relatively low as compared to historical values.

And do they have coins and bars available for purchase? Proof Gold: You can have your coins graded at NGC or PCGS in the States. There are a lot of precious metal companies out there to choose from. Currency, Diamonds, Jewelry, Rolex Watches, Antiques & Over the years, Roger Tobin, our owner and a professional numismatist dealer in precious metals, has developed his expertise and an extensive network of DVRCC is the Philadelphia region's trusted dealer and resource for buying and selling numismatics, rare coins, paper currency and gold, silver, Altier Rare Coins is the Premier Dealer of Rare Coins, Currency and Precious Metals in South Florida.

You are also able to ship your coins to them for instant funds. As a member of the Forbes Finance Council, they have the experience and knowledge to help their clients make the right financial choices for their situation. December 9, 2011 at 2:11 pmThank you for your comment. Lesser quantity than 200 can be sold but at higher price than R12 and only in quantities of 50 or more. I have 33 birthday mandela coins in excellent condition.

Buying and Selling Rare Coins, Currency, and Collectibles. I have an uncirculated bag of 400coins for sale. Right now, the prices of these hard assets are at a fraction of their all-time highs. i have 2008 Mandela coin how much do you pay for them? If grading companies assess coins for flaws, do errors count?

If I want to sell 2008 mandela coin and presidential coin where I can sell it am in jhb. When examining coins that have been graded or that are still raw, use jewelers felt pad. Moreover, there is an increasingly high resale potential if the investors bought the coins for a fair price. Either chemical or abrasive cleaning can reduce the grading and therefore the value of the coin.

If so, you may be wondering about where to sell your coins. Speaking to other collectors and knowing which questions to ask is also quite beneficial. Empire Coins LLC is your complete online coin shop dealer!

2008 Mandela 90th Birthday R5 coin, how much could I sell it for and where would be the best place to do so? Email me for more info at [email protected] I have a 2008 R5 coin, where can I sell it, and how much will I get? Coin collections can start with one coin, to buying a whole set to show off to your friends. Although the proper name for this coin is the "Winged Liberty Head Dime," the public thought that the lady with wings on her head was the Roman god Mercury.

It could be a Standing Liberty quarter that a soldier carried with him during World War I. We handle all US coins and currency with special emphasis on small cents - Indian and Lincoln cent series. you will thank me !as far as I know, NGC is in Sarasota and PCGS is in Newport Beach.

Thank you for this most invaluable best defined explanation thus far after surfing the web. Established in 1968, we have provided personal service to the novice and those serious about coin collecting for over 46 years. 073 016 4128.

A loss through fire or burglary can be devastating both financial as well as emotionally and, while insurance cannot compensate for the emotional loss, at least it can compensate you for the financial loss you may suffer. Rare coins trade in a market much like other rare collectibles. Hi all, we at [email protected] have been stock piling the Mandela 90th birthday R5 coin 2008 for 3 years now. When you want to sell and buy coins or sell scrap gold, Lacey Rare Coins Inc.

RCNH offers over a century of combined numismatic experience. We are here to answer all of your questions Tips for saving investing money and to provide the information you need to make educated decisions that fit your personal financial plan. Certified Coin Exchange is a one stop shop for all your pricing data. Some may argue that the 1909-S VDB Lincoln Cent is the most popular U. You can buy them as a personal investment, or to add to your self-directed IRA.